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3 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels: Don’t Delay!

Solar Panels

Did you know that by installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on your roof, you could cut you electricity bills by 25%; and get paid for the electricity you generate through the government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme?

The popularity of solar panels, not just in the UK but beyond, is soaring. Not only can homeowners save money, which is a bonus in tough economic times, but people can also play a part in cutting their carbon footprint.

Traditional fossils fuels like coal and oil are dwindling in capacity, and soaring in costs. Fundamentally, solar panels are the ultimate resources that offer value for money, so is it any wonder why so many homeowners are benefiting from the renewable energy solution?

Don’t delay; here are 3 reasons why you should install solar panels:

Great for the environment

Solar panels are perfect because they are pollution and noise-free. Traditional fuels are bad for the environment whereas solar panels are eco-friendly. How? They don’t omit greenhouse gases, they don’t make a clatter, and they don’t cause a disturbance in the community.

Simply put, they are sustainable and extract energy from the sun.

Great for your finances

Money, whether you like it or not, makes the world go round and solar panels can save you money off your energy bills. Times are tough and money is tight, so however you can cut costs is paramount.

Obviously there is the initial cost of building the solar panels, but in the long-run you will earn your money back and gain a profit by selling unused units back to the Grid.

According to the Department of Energy Climate Change, the latest Feed-in-Tariff statistics for November 2012 reveal that the total number of installations on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is 388,509, up from 387,379 the week ending 18th November 2012. What is more, the initial installation numbers show 1,130 installations, compared to 1,190 the week before.

How can solar panels save you money? Sunlight is completely sustainable.

Great for maintenance

Once installed, solar panels hardly need maintenance. Now clearly some cleaning is required on an annual basis- this simply boosts the productivity of the product. But on average, they are great for maintenance needs and have little upkeep.

Solar panels are not demanding and there are companies that you can hire to do the cleaning on your behalf. Under no circumstances should you go up on the roof yourself; this can be very dangerous. Examples of solar panel cleaning firms include Solar Clean UK, Solar Panel Cleaners, and Spirit Solar.

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