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Benefits of Cool Water Features at Home

When it comes to home accessories, things that spring to mind include decoration pieces, wall hangings, painting etc. However, cool water features like fountains and ponds are also part of home décor. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, they also have an eco-friendly effect as well.



Eco-Friendly Benefits

There are benefits of having a water body like a fountain or a pond considering the air-pollution on a global level has increased by an average of 10 percent during the last five years. Water has the ability to absorb contaminants and increase freshness in the environment.

Since the water that is part of the fountain or cool water feature is being recycled, there is no water wastage, and the user is able add another eco-friendly behavior of water conservation as well.

The ecosystem of the pond has a natural balance, which means the bacteria, fishes and other organisms are living in a balance, leaving an eco-friendly effect. There are certain bacteria which naturally occur in water bodies like ponds that absorb toxic gaseous elements in the air and render them harmless.

This property of cleaning the air becomes a prime benefit if there is excessive pollen in your area. Furthermore for asthma affected population, this helps a lot. The water molecules naturally remove microscopic pollen and the dust particles from air. In this way, there is a cleaning effect being created.

By adding cool water features, a micro-climate is created and the overall lowering can be around 20 to 250F. How does this benefit the user? If a person is using such an energy efficient cool water system, he/she can reduce cooling cost. The same case applies to water heating, since water has an excellent moderation property.

Other Benefits

It is also possible to maximize the potential of using water. This is possible in cool water features where a submersible pump is used. It is efficient and leaves no trace water during the recycling process. Furthermore, the pumping pressure is sufficient enough to suck the entire water flow.

There are now mobile cool water features available which allow users to install indoor fountains. These are very aesthetic and can give the overall décor a dynamic look.

There’s also a hidden advantage of health and wellness which is mediated through soothing sights and sounds. These are considered to be stress relieving and are said to be beneficial for people who have chronic hypertension (elevated blood pressure).


Cool water features provide a unique option to home owners. There are number of environment related benefits associated and it appeals aesthetically. By setting up a good landscape background, such features could be used to in a way to enhance the overall look of the house.


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