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Dolmen Home – Megalithic Architecture

A Spanish Retreat for Two

A Spanish Retreat for Two

The Process of Cutting

The Process of Cutting

Antón García-Abril has recently come up with a very interesting idea. He’s trying to recreate the technology first used in around 9000 BCE. This is much like the dolmens (some people round here call them cromlech) of the Neolithic age.

Although the dolmens were mostly used as tombs, this house, called Trufa or Truffle, has nothing to do with death. It is a love-nest. Designed as a minimalist abode for two people, it only has a bed, a shower, closeness to the Nature and an amazing view. What else do you need for complete harmony?

It is hard to estimate how green this dolmen home is because quite a significant amount of cutting has been done here. Cutting stone consumes energy, but then – consider that apart from cutting and some heavy machinery, there’s been not that much involvement anyway. So I think the carbon footprint of this Spanish holiday home is pretty small.

Antón García-Abril was born in Madrid in 1969 and graduated at the ETSA Madrid. He has been an Associate Professor in the Architecture Design department of ETSA Madrid since 1998. He also contributes for some local Spanish magazines like El Cultural. He has his own studio called Ensemble. Take a look at his projects – there’s quite a bit of interesting stuff in the portfolio.

A note for those who are dreaming about building a similar dolmen home. Some large stones are protected by English Heritage so check first and then cut (not the other way round)!

Large stones have a very strong energetic field. Try to “communicate” with the stone before using it for building to find out if it will make a positive material. If it had been used as a sacred stone by the ancestors, it is unlikely it will “want” to become a part of your project.

Copyright of pics: Ensemble


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