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Map of UK Architectural Salvage Yards

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I’ve decided to give you a convenient, searchable list of the UK architectural salvage yards. Everyone who builds houses for clients or just does their own interior design should check the salvage yards on regular basis. You will be amazed how many wonderful items you can find there. Anything from reclaimed wooden boards to bespoke Victorian door knobs. Those places are great – they can save you money and enable you building green. Please remember that reuse is always better than recycle!

To use the map, either type in your address or post code and click “find locations” or just use the hand tool to browse the map. The green arrow is your location, the red balloons are the architectural salvage yards. Click on the balloon to learn more about each company. To see the architectural salvage yards in neighbouring counties, just try to increase the search radius from the drop-down menu. If you’d like to suggest a company or add your own yard to this list, please contact me.